This hit hard: "Because the more anxiety there is, the more we tend to be preoccupied with what people think of us. The more we take a look, or a moment of silence, or a weird sentence in an email, and conclude our study."

I find that my anxiety is exacerbated when the communication takes place through a text only forum. So much of human communication is non-verbal so when texting or emailing, I often fill in the gaps with negative assumptions (this person is annoyed or mad, they don't like me).

Your point that more contact usually dispels these assumptions will stick with me the next time I've made up a story around my communication with someone, especially if it took place over text/email.

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"Or your child, because you’re so focused on fixing them, you’ve forgotten how to let them surprise you with what they can do." These words caught me completely, thank you.

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